SAEL revolutionizes Pirinoli papermill with advanced drive system upgrade

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SAEL has launched an innovative drive system overhaul for the press section in PM3 at Pirinoli Papermill, Italy, marking a significant technological advancement. The project introduced several AC motors and a new Shoe Press by Toscotec, transitioning from the previous DC technology-based drive control. This initiative represents a significant modification aimed at enhancing efficiency and automation.

Under the guidance of Director Silvano Carletto, the paper mill's technical team utilized the "DCS in DRIVE SAEL" system to meticulously collect and analyze process parameters. This careful planning allowed for precise goal-setting and effective execution of the press section modification, ensuring the achievement of all predefined objectives.

One of the key innovations is the introduction of the Shoe Press inverter, equipped with a 400 kW motor/inverter in S1 service. This system cleverly employs the parallelism of two 300 kW inverters, offering a single spare with half the power. This strategy ensures compatibility with the power of future adjacent press DC motors, demonstrating SAEL's forward-thinking approach to spare part utilization and cost reduction.

Enhances the operational lifespan

SAEL distinguishes itself by using film capacitors in each inverter, unlike the electrolytic ones commonly used by competitors. This choice significantly enhances the operational lifespan of SAEL inverters, ensuring safety and eliminating the need for frequent regenerations or specific pre-charge attention.

The project seamlessly integrated AC drives into the existing system, utilizing DC converters with over 45 years of life that were originally rebuilt and reused by Ansaldo through REEBORN SAEL in 2008. SAEL's commitment to supporting all old drives and ensuring 100 per cent interchangeability with new products is a testament to their dedication to quality and sustainability.

Energy consumption savings

Following rigorous full-load tests and verifications, the modification has resulted in a remarkable 15 per cent increase in continuous machine speed and subsequent energy consumption savings. This achievement highlights the paper mill's strategic approach to plant renovation, aligning with the initiatives of the new management and setting a new standard for efficiency and sustainability in the paper industry.

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