ANDRITZ and Moorim P&P join forces for sustainable mill upgrade in South Korea

Photo: Moorim P6P, South Korea

International technology conglomerate ANDRITZ has been commissioned by Moorim P&P, South Korea, to enhance the efficiency of an evaporation plant at its Ulsan mill. The mill, known for producing bleached kraft pulp and a variety of premium papers, is set for a significant efficiency boost and resource consumption reduction through this refurbishment.

Mr Kim Sangwoo, Project Director at Moorim P&P, highlighted the company's commitment to energy conservation, stating:

- Our Ulsan mill has set high energy-saving goals. With this upgrade, we aim to augment the capacity of our evaporation line no. 1 and improve the final dry solids content of the black liquor, aligning with our sustainability targets. We're confident in ANDRITZ's advanced technologies to help us achieve substantial water and energy savings.

Effective combustion

The renovation aims to deliver a consistent, high-solids black liquor stream for effective combustion in the recovery boiler, significantly minimizing the need for raw water by allowing 100% reuse of all condensates produced within the evaporation plant across other mill sections.

- This project reinforces the ongoing successful collaboration between Moorim P&P and ANDRITZ. Our renovation strategy for the evaporation plant is tailored to deliver the optimum balance of increased capacity, process efficiency, and cost-effectiveness, expressed Sanna Semi, Vice President of the Global Evaporation Product Group at ANDRITZ.

HD concentrator

ANDRITZ's delivery for the project encompasses the installation of new equipment, including an HD concentrator to enhance the dry solids content sent to the recovery boiler, an additional effect 6 and an MVR pre-evaporator to boost evaporation capacity and a foul condensate treatment system. This system is a game-changer, enabling the mill to repurpose condensates internally, thus reducing both freshwater consumption and the need for wastewater treatment.

The upgraded facility is anticipated to commence operations by April 2025, marking a significant step towards Moorim P&P's journey to greater sustainability and operational efficiency.