Indian paper producer reports lower sales

photo Rama

Sales decrease year-on-year Indian paper maker Rama Paper Mills Ltd has posted net sales of some Rs 2.59 crore ($312,000) in December 2023. This represented a decrease of as much as 86.2 percent compared with the same month a year earlier. 


In December 2022, Rama Paper Mills Ltd reported net sales of about Rs 18.76 crore, according to the information obtained by financial news site 


The Indian paper maker has reported a quarterly net loss of about Rs 5.25 crore in December 2023 which was down from a net quarterly profit of some Rs 0.27 crore posted for the same period ending in December 2022.


The Indian company’s facilities are fitted with a total of four paper machines, as indicated by figures from Rama Paper Mills Ltd. The business is headquartered in the country’s capital New Delhi.