Toscotec advances in water conservation for tissue production

Toscotec Tissue machine. Image: Toscotec

Water is crucial in tissue manufacturing, with its reduction posing a delicate balance between benefits and drawbacks. Recent strides in technology have significantly advanced water conservation efforts in this sector. 

The spotlight has been on diminishing freshwater use, with a target to reduce consumption to less than 4 m3/ton of paper across the entire tissue manufacturing plant.

Notable Production

Efforts to minimize water usage focus on several key areas, including machine showers, suction roll sealing technologies, management of cooling utilities, and stock preparation. The industry has seen notable progress in these areas, with innovative approaches reducing the environmental footprint and enhancing the sustainability of tissue production.

Optimizing water use through reduced pressure and the preference for clarified or filtered water over fresh water has proven effective for machine showers. Additionally, advancements like Voith's HydroSeal technology have drastically cut water needs for suction roll lubrication, contributing significantly to overall water savings.

Specific cooling needs

Cooling utilities, often overlooked, also play a critical role in water management. Adopting closed-loop systems over open ones can significantly reduce fresh water intake, although it may increase energy consumption. The choice of cooling technology is influenced by various factors, including the mill's location and the specific cooling needs of the equipment.

Choosing the correct seal type for agitators and pumps is vital in stock preparation. Compared to gland packing seals, mechanical seals can considerably lower water consumption, demonstrating the importance of equipment selection in reducing water usage.

 Benefit the environment by conserving.
The paper concludes that while reducing water consumption in tissue manufacturing is complex, it is achievable through strategic changes in equipment and process management. Toscotec's initiatives illustrate that a holistic approach, addressing various aspects of the production process, can lead to significant water savings. These efforts benefit the environment by conserving a precious resource and contribute to the manufacturing process's economic efficiency by reducing water use costs.

Source: Toscotec