Clearwater Paper to launch circular polyethylene in consumer tissue packaging

Clearwater Paper Corporation today announced a collaboration with Charter Next Generation (CNG) for an early-to-market initiative to include advanced recycled polyethylene in Clearwater Paper's private label tissue packaging offerings. Advanced recycling includes difficult-to-recycle waste plastics converted into new plastics that perform like virgin materials. The purchase of this material in the place of traditional resins helps to give new life to some plastics otherwise headed to landfills.

"CNG is providing a competitive edge and is leading the way in transforming waste plastics into useful products. This advancement is critical to our success in meeting and exceeding sustainability goals for Clearwater Paper," said Mike Urlick, senior vice president and general manager, consumer products at Clearwater Paper.

Consumers care about the environment and want to know about the environmental attributes of the products they choose to purchase, including the packaging. To ensure the proper chain of custody and tracking of material through the mass balance approach, International Sustainability and Carbon Certification (ISCC) Plus certifications have been earned by both Clearwater Paper and CNG.

"Clearwater Paper supports the principles of circular economy and has a strong legacy of prioritizing the sustainability of the products we make. Clearwater Paper is committed to responsible sourcing and to partnering with innovative suppliers like CNG who are aligned with our core values," said Traci Greco, purchasing manager of Clearwater Paper.

"CNG is excited to build on our partnership with Clearwater Paper. Together, we are leading the way to a more sustainable future through the transition to circular packaging solutions," stated Kathy Bolhous, chief executive officer of Charter Next Generation.

"Clearwater Paper considers it our everyday responsibility to practice resource stewardship while producing high-quality products for our customers. We are continuously exploring innovative methods and materials to decrease landfill waste disposal," said Heidi Moilanen, Clearwater Paper's senior product development manager. "This collaboration allows us to take advantage of the new materials made possible by the development of advanced recycling in support of circular economy principles."