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Wetend Technologies Ltd is the global technology leader in mixing of additives to process streams. The effective TrumpJet Flash Mixing technology improves chemical efficiency and therefore saves chemicals 20…60% and reduces water consumption in chemical dilution and related energy consumption by 100%. Thorough mixing of chemicals and additives results to very homogenous sheet, better quality of paper and improved runnability. Injection and mixing is normally made with headbox stock - fresh water savings are given, no dilution is required. Savings can be 1 million Euro annually, payback time is normally short. Over 450 TrumpJet mixing stations have been supplied to 23 countries in North-America, Europe and Asia.

Environmental benefits: The TrumpJet installations supplied are today saving approximately 65 million m3 of fresh water per annum. The energy saving at the mills is total more than 3,2 million MWh and there is an annual reduction potential more than 2 million tons of CO2 emission. Contact us, we can help your mill to save Water, Energy and Chemicals – and improve runnability.




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