Rottneros improves reliability with wireless vibration sensors

Photo: Rottneros


 Following years of successful implementation of measurement equipment from SPM Instrument, Swedish pulp development and production specialist Rottneros placed an order this summer for one hundred Airius wireless vibration sensors to monitor the mechanical condition of motors, pumps, and fans in the pulp mill.

In 2022, Rottneros Mill in Sunne, Värmland, reached a new annual record with a production of 115,400 tons of pulp that is used to manufacture products such as cardboard, packaging, tissue paper, filters, and writing and printing papers. Before 2026, the annual capacity and production are expected to increase to 150,000 to 170,000 tons.

With the investment in Airius sensors, Rottneros Mill takes its condition monitoring program another step forward. The sensors measure triaxial vibration and temperature, providing valuable insights into the mechanical health of standard production equipment, including motors, pumps, and fans. 

The Airius sensors communicate over the mill's Wi-Fi network and use established technology to transmit vibration data to the Condmaster Ruby analysis, diagnostics, and troubleshooting software. By employing the sensors, Rottneros gains an edge in preventive maintenance and machine problem detection. The sensors' capacity to identify vibration-related issues as well as gear and bearing faults ensures timely actions and safeguards critical machinery. 

Rottneros Mill's continued investment in equipment from SPM Instrument with Airius, along with the prior adoption of the portable instrument Leonova Diamond and the online system Intellinova Compact for monitoring of slow-rotating FKC presses, underlines the importance of condition monitoring for increased operational reliability, availability, and productivity at the pulp mill.