OptiCept enters agreement with a forestry company in Brazil

Photo: OptiCept

OptiCept Technologies has entered an agreement with a world-leading forestry company in Brazil. Cuttings will now be boosted with nutrients using a unique vacuum impregnation technology called OptiBoost. The focus is on treating high-yielding cutting clones and maximizing their use in production.

The collaboration was initiated in early 2023 when the company evaluated the method on selected clones. The results achieved motivated the Brazilian company to enter a long-term partnership with OptiCept Technologies and for the implementation of the OptiBoost technology for cuttings.

The OptiBoost technology is a symbiosis of two technologies. Vacuum impregnation and nanotechnology. Cuttings are impregnated with a functionalized nutrient solution based on the third generation of patented nanotechnology. The process is executed in a small vacuum chamber that can manage up to 15,000 cuttings per hour.

The OptiBoost vauum impregnation (VI) is done with the purpose to improve the rooting and growth of cuttings and thereby decreases losses of eucalyptus and tropical clone cuttings propagation.