De Iuliis rebuilt project for Raipaper

Photo: De Iuliis

The new complete fourdrinier and the new Combi press section are in erection in our workshop. The project involves the wet end in cantilever, with a new couch roll and drive roll, a complete revamping of the press section, with the introduction of latest generation De Iuliis Combi Press with new stabilizer boxes for easy sheet transfer. It has been designed to maximize the water removal, effectively transferring the web from the forming section to the other presses and to the dry part and increase the quality of the paper sheet.

Combi press design:

• Prevents crushing and allows higher loads

• Increases efficiencies and decreases paper breaks

• Improves product quality in terms of strength and surface properties

• Reduces steam usage

• Increases Production with quality

The actual vacuum system has been studied, re-designed and implemented with an additional vacuum pump according to a modified lay-out, more efficient and compact. DJM will supply also a new white-water channel and a new silo in the approach flow. The project will be completed with the increasing of dryer section capacity using new additional dryers, with related hood modification.

All the logics have been prepared by DJM technicians, discussed and approved in cooperation with the Raipaper team.

As already mentioned above, all equipment will be pre-erected in DJM workshop and then delivered to RAIPAPER. At the end, it will be carried out the Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) to verify that newly manufactured equipment meets its intended purpose. The FAT validates the operation of the equipment and makes sure the customers’ purchase order specifications and all other requirements have been met.


The complete turn-key project will be entirely managed by De Iuliis, from the design to the mechanical parts supply, to the assembly, until the start-up and commissioning.

The activities have been studied to marry physical production and operations with smart technology, machine learning and big data collection, in order to create for Raipaper a system that will be holistic, better-connected and that will take the management of logistics and manufacturing to current state of digital revolution: “Industria 4.0”.


Raipaper s.r.l. is currently a leader in food paper production, processing, converting and marketing. Moreover, it is structured into two distinguished related sectors: the paper mill, assigned to recycling and production of paper, and the converting plant, assigned to duplex, printing and processing of the reels produced in the paper mill. The historical cooperation between De Iuliis and Raipaper has always been an opportunity for professional and personal growth. And nowadays, this relationship continues flourishing under the strong drive of “third generation” young management teams.

De Iuliis assigns a dedicated project-management team to each job and establishes common targets together with customer. This guarantees that both the responsibilities and the activities are completely clear. In every project, big or small, De Iuliis will support customers with its own expertise in project management, with a standardized and systematic approach.


One more time, as in all previous projects carried out in Italy and world-wide, De Iuliis team has provided to Raipaper its own technical know-how in order to achieve the pre-defined goals and to make the project profitable.