Obbola paper mill inaugurated: Increased capacity for better business and increased climate benefit

Photo: SCA

"This marks a significant stride in enhancing the competitiveness of SCA and Obbola, empowering us to better serve a market that is transitioning away from fossil packaging materials," notes Gustaf Nygren, Mill manager at SCA Obbola.

The capacity for kraftliner production is poised for a notable increase, soaring from 450,000 tons to an impressive 725,000 tons annually. The standout transformation at the facility is the addition of the world's largest machine, courtesy of German company Voith, specifically designed for kraftliner production. This colossal machine spans an impressive 250 meters in length and boasts an estimated weight of approximately 11,000 tonnes.

As part of this ambitious project, involving an investment of approximately SEK 7.5 billion, several enhancements have been implemented. These encompass improvements in the work environment, the installation of a high-capacity recycled fiber line, and the introduction of a brand-new lime kiln.

The recycled fiber line facilitates the processing of 1,700 tons of recycled fiber daily, while the lime kiln enables the utilization of biofuels in lieu of oil, leading to an annual reduction of 8,000 cubic meters in oil consumption and contributing to a remarkable saving of 20,000 tonnes in fossil carbon dioxide emissions.

Gustaf Nygren underscores the significance of these developments by stating, "Obbola is now reaching a level where the industrial processes are basically fossil-free. The fact that we also get a proper capacity to recycle fibers and create even more climate-smart material is good for both our business and for the conversion of other industries' packaging."

Mikael Frölander, Marketing and Sales Director for SCA Containerboard, highlights the broader implications of this investment, stating, "The investment is good for our existing customers, but also for completely new ones. We see that more and more customers are focusing on sustainability, and then the combination of renewable raw materials, resource efficiency in recycling fiber, and fossil-friendly manufacturing processes is attractive."

The official inauguration of Obbola's new facility featured notable figures such as SCA's President and CEO, Ulf Larsson, and the Governor of Västerbotten, Helene Hellmark Knutsson. The event provided guests with the opportunity to explore the new facility, inspect the state-of-the-art machines and premises, and engage with SCA's staff on site.

Per Strand, the Project Director for Expansion Obbola, underscores the importance of collaboration in the success of this endeavor. He emphasizes the close cooperation between factory management, the market, and suppliers as a crucial factor in achieving these remarkable milestones.