Advanced Industries Packaging introduces renamed companies and launches corporate website

Today, Advanced Industries Packaging is delighted to share a new chapter in its ongoing journey of evolution and growth. Further, to the change of  ownership in February 2023. Over the past six months, Advanced Industries Packaging has been diligently engaged in a comprehensive process of renaming and rebranding across its group of companies. Advanced Industries Packaging is thrilled to announce that this transformational endeavor has been successfully completed.

In addition to this important milestone, Advanced Industries Packaging has dedicated significant efforts of its central and local procurement departments to secure  raw materials supply chain, ensuring the reliability and quality of  operations.

Additionally, the company is excited to unveil its new corporate website:

This platform is designed to provide you with valuable insights into company’s products, innovations, and enduring commitment to sustainability.

As Advanced Industries Packaging embarks on the tender campaign of 2024, the company does so with a fresh name but with the same level of proven quality, service excellence, and an unwavering commitment to sustainability that has defined our journey thus far.

Rinat Stark, CEO of Advanced Industries Packaging, shares his perspective on this transformative moment, "This is more than just a change in name; it's a testament to our continuous growth and innovation. We remain dedicated to providing the highest quality products and services, all while adhering to the principles of sustainability. Our new identity reflects not only the change of ownership, but also a commitment to forging a sustainable future together with our valued partners."

Advanced Industries Packaging is excited to continue its collaboration with you and share in the successes that lie ahead.