Aurauco’s MAPA project produces the first pulp bale from its new production line

Photo: Valmet

Arauco produced the first bale of pulp by the new production line of the Arauco MAPA project, which includes major improvements to line 2 and the installation of this new production line (line 3) at the Arauco pulp mill, located in the Biobío region, in Chile.

With the start-up of MAPA, which includes the operations of Line 3, in addition to the pulp production of Line 2, the Arauco mill will have a total pulp production capacity estimated at 2,100,000 tons per year.

Construction of the mill began in December 2019.

Valmet is responsible for supplying key technologies for the new pulp production line. In September, Valmet conducted the first tests on the recovery and power boilers.

The first test consisted of a hydro test on the recovery boiler, which sought to identify any possible leaks and ensure maximum energy efficiency. The second consisted of the first ignition of the power boiler, which is designed to utilize local biomass, such as eucalyptus bark, sawdust, shavings, and other residues as fuel.

"Both tests were successful, which validates the hard and meticulous work involved in construction and installation of both boilers. The next important milestone will be the start of steam and electric power production from the power boiler, which will supply electricity to the entire new production line," says Carl Mikael Stål, Technical and Operations Manager.