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Logostor is a global energy company with a focus on providing better energy efficiency to our customers. Our company is based on years and years of experience and know-how related to insulation as a means of improving energy efficiency and eliminating CO2 emissionsPre-insulated pipe systems from LOGSTOR, conceived around uniquely effective insulation, are designed specifically to keep energy loss from district heating and cooling systems to the absolute minimum.

The unique properties of LOGSTOR pre-insulated pipes mean that they are now widely used throughout the oil and gas sector, in the marine sector and for virtually all kinds of industry to transport of wide range of gasses and liquids. From oil, gas and chemicals to foodstuffs.Media temperature from -200 to +250 degrees  

Typical applications are:
- Buried in ground
- Pipe bridges
- Food industry
- Process
- Cooling installations
- Hot water and steam into the ground
- Frost -proof tube

The reason is mainly the following:
- Effective insulation of PUR
- Long life
- No external corrosion
- No thermal bridges at pipe support
- Waterproof jacket in PEH ( available in black and white )
- Can be cleaned with high pressure and hot water
- Salt, chemical and UV resistant jacket
- Hard and stable mantle
- Installation and insulation in one step


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