Spain achieves big progress in field of paper recycling


The Spanish paper industry has achieved a big progress in the field of paper recycling in recent years, as the overall rate of paper recycling in the country has amounted to 78%, already exceeding the European voluntary target set for 2030



As Elisabet Alier, president of Aspapel (Spanish Association of Pulp and Paper Manufacturers) has recently told in an interview with Spanish media, at present the Spanish paper industry, with 10 pulp and 69 paper factories, produces all the great varieties of paper with renewable, recyclable and local raw materials.


Elisabet Alier  comments:


«95% of the wood and 69% of the paper used for recycling that we use is of local origin. By processing these local raw materials, we create wealth in our country and contribute to industrial sovereignty, which has proven to be so important during the pandemic. With the plantations of wood for paper, we create employment and wealth in Spain”


In 2021, the total consumption of wood for paper in Spain increase by 2.2% compared to the previous year.