One of Ukraine’s largest paper and cardboard producers eyes massive expansion in years to come

Photo: Inventure

Kiev Cardboard and Paper Mill (KKBK), one of Ukraine’s largest paper and cardboard producers will invest over 20 million euros in the development of new capacities on the territory of the Verkhnedneprovsky powerful radio engineering plant.

As Interfax-Ukraine reported, citing on the head of the company Vladimir Krupchak, the first products are expected to be released in the first quarter of 2022.

Igor Oleshchuk, Chairman of Igor Oleshchuk, Chairman of the Board of KKBK., comments:

“We are facing an ambitious goal - to double the production of corrugated board products in the next 5 years. As part of this strategy, we also plan to significantly modernize the production of cardboard. This will allow us to increase the output of the test liner and fluting by 30% and provide our corrugated plants with our own high-quality raw materials, ”


Under the terms of the project, there are plans to produce corrugated cardboard with a volume of up to 15 million square meters per month. It will be supplied to consumers in the central and eastern regions of Ukraine. No export is planned. The company wants to double its production volumes within five years.


In the meantime, during the second stage of the project KKBK will consider the expansion of its presence in Western Ukraine, as well as in the South-Western region.




KKBK currently remains one of the largest enterprises in Europe for the production of cardboard and paper products with a staff of about 2.200 people. The products are sold to almost 700 companies in Ukraine, a number of CIS countries and far abroad.


It ranks second in the production of corrugated boxes in Ukraine after the Rubezhansk CPC (together with the subsidiary Trypilsky packing plant).


By: Eugene Gerden