ABB upgrades Swiss packaging producer’s PM

Photo: Model Group

Zurich-based industrial group ABB has modern-ized a key paper machine operated by Swiss packaging maker Model Group, fitting the machine with new energy-efficient motors and var-iable speed drives.


“The result is increased productivity and reliability, together with a reduction in energy consumption of up to 900,000 kilowatt hours (kWh) a year – equivalent to 200 four-person Swiss households, with a projected payback in less than five years,” ABB said in a statement.


At its facility in Switzerland’s Weinfelden, Model Group runs two ma-jor paper machines to produce the paper used to manufacture about 1,500 million square meters of corrugated board per year.


“Previously, the 2.5-meter-wide paper web ran through the machine at some 800 meters per minute. Now it runs at 900 meters per minute – a major increase in productivity,” according to the statement.


The value of the contract was not disclosed