Russia’s largest production of eco-friendly paper cups launched in St. Petersburg

Photo: Polycup

Russia’s largest production of eco-friendly paper cups for drinks has been recently commissioned in St. Petersburg by the local "PolyCap" company.

According to the producer, the new cups do not contain plastic and are fully recyclable

By the end of the year, PolyCap intends to produce 2.2 million paper cups a month. The volume of investments in the project at the initial stage amounted to US$5 million.

Now the facilities of the enterprise are utilized by 50% and by the end of the year it is planned to reach 100% utilization. In the long term – the capacities will be expanded up to 6.6 million paper cups per month.

Finnish cardboard is used as raw material for PolyCap glasses, which, according to the company’s representative, does not get wet. The company said such glasses are completely recyclable, since they do not contain plastic (ordinary paper cups have a layer of polyethylene, they contain up to 5% plastic, which makes them difficult to recycle. Now the company "PolyCap" receives a patent for its products and registers a trademark.

By: Eugen Gerden