Dueñas Paper Mill implements advanced equipment for the reduction of defects

Photo: DS Smith

DS Smith Spain SA has carried out the project presented to the direct line of innovation called "Implemenation of advanced equipment for the reduction of defects in final and intermediate product”.  

Being this subsidy co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (FEDER) through the Operational Program of R&D&I by and for the benefit of companies - technological fund -, so it is subject to the FEDER regulatory provisions that are applicable to it.

The objective of the project from the beginning has been the installation of a water cleanin equipment that allows, on the one hand, to reduce fabric breaks, improve drainage, reduce the amount of downgrade paper or reclassified to lower grades than the target, reduce chemical consumption and reduce maintenance time. Another objective is the installation of a vibration control and management system for the rotating elements of the dryer section.

Dueñas Paper Mill is located between Valladolid and Palencia in northern Spain and is strategically positioned near the France-Portugal railway line, ensuring strong transport links across France and the Iberian Peninsula.

Dueñas specialises in white top testliner, both coated and uncoated, and is the only mill in the south of Europe to produce coated white top testliner.