Belarus ready to increase paper exports up to $580 million annually in years to come

Dobrushskaya paper mill. Photo: Planeta Belarus

Belarus continues implementation of its ambitious plans for a significant increase of domestic pulp and paper production in years to come.

As part of this, a new plant for the production of coated and uncoated types of multi-layer cardboard has been recently commissioned at the capacities of Debrush paper factory "Gerei Truda".

If in past the pulp and paper industry in Belarus was characterized by a limited range of products (being mainly produced from waste paper) the situation has changed in recent years.

Overall, in the past five years, the industry has almost doubled its production volumes, while most of the funds were allocated as part of the Belarusian Forest program. That allowed to increase the volume of exports by almost two times.

As part of state plans, is creating conditions for a further increase of the industry’s output. For example, the production of paper and cardboard will grow by 2,1 times, while pulp by 1,7 times. At the same time exports are expected to reach US$580 million in value terms.

By: Eugen Gerden