Zhidachiv Pulp and Paper Mill eyes to become Ukraine’s leading pulp and paper producer

Photo: Informupak

"Zhidachiv Pulp and Paper Mill», one of Ukraine’s largest pulp and paper producers, which is based in the Lviv region (Western Ukraine) plans to increase its output this year by at least 33% compared to 2020, according to recent statements, made by an official spokesman of the company and the Ukranian media reports.


According to the Ukranian Association of Pulp and Paper Producers (UkrPapir), in 2020 the plant reduced production by 36.3% compared to 2019 - to UAH 209,2 million (US$7,2 million) in value terms.


Since the beginning of the current year the plant has already increased its output by 40%, planning a further increase of production in the second half of the current year.


As part of the company’s plans, that will allow it to significantly increase the supplies of products both to domestic market and for exports.


Among the main rivals of Zhidachiv Mill in the domestic market are the Kiev KBK and Rubezhansk Mill.


According to Zhidachiv Mill, the COVID-19 pandemic had a significant impact on the pulp and paper market of Ukraine and global scale, changing the structure of consumer demand and causing fluctuations in the markets.


Still, according to Ukranian experts, the pulp and paper industry has been less affected by the pandemic than other industries, since paper and cardboard packaging is critical for essential goods and medical products.


The biggest decline, however, was observed in the case of newsprint and writing paper.


By: Eugen Gerden