Stora Enso starts up new biogas plant in Nymölla, Sweden

Photo: Stora Enso

Gasum and Stora Enso have developed a sustainable solution to process the residuals in the wastewater at the paper mill. The new biogas plant in Nymölla, Sweden, has just started up and will deliver the first liquefied biogas in May.

Gasum is making a circular statement with the biogas plant at Stora Enso’s pulp and paper mill in Nymölla. It recovers organic matter from the wastewater during the treatment process and turns it into liquefied biogas.

The liquefied biogas produced can be used as a heavy-duty transport fuel, for example.  

“Demand for liquefied biogas is showing rapid growth from one year to the next. This, together with the fact that many companies want to be part of the circular economy, means that we will soon see more local and regional investments. The Nymölla project has opened the door to the future,” says Erik Woode, Director, Project Development Management, Gasum.

Gasum’s biogas plant in Nymölla makes Stora Enso’s pulp and paper mill a co-producer of renewable energy and enables it to take a further steadfast step into the circular economy. The Nymölla plant is expected to produce around 75–80 GWh of biogas a year, which is equivalent to the annual consumption by as many as 200 trucks. But there is also demand for liquefied biogas in shipping and industry.

“If more people dare adopt a new approach and use existing resources in the right way, we can reach common emission targets and combat climate changes,” adds Erik Woode.

How wastewater becomes liquefied biogas

Stora Enso’s pulp and paper mill in Nymölla produces around 340,000 tonnes of pulp and 485,000 tonnes of wood-free office paper each year.