Sappi's Ultracast Viva wins Green Product Award 2021

Photo: Green Product Award

Sappi North America, Inc., a leading producer and supplier of diversified paper, packaging products and pulp, announced that its Ultracast Viva release paper has won the Green Product Award 2021 jury prize in the fashion category. The award program recognizes companies and start-ups that have distinguished themselves by their sustainable practices and product results. Over a thousand applicants from 51 countries were screened for this year's nomination.


Ultracast Viva is a textured release paper made specifically for high-fidelity PVC, PU, semi-PU and solvent-free casting systems that are used in the manufacturing of coated fabrics. This first-of-its-kind product embodies Sappi's forward-looking sustainability practices in alignment with the company's global goals for environmentally-friendly manufacturing.


"On behalf of the entire Sappi organization, we are honored to receive the Green Product Award this year," said Mark Hittie, Director of Release Strategy at Sappi North America. "We're proud to see Ultracast Viva making an impact on the fashion industry and advancing sustainability standards. Our focus remains on creating innovative products that support environmentally-conscious manufacturing."


With Sappi's nearly 80 years of experience creating textures, Ultracast Viva brings to market performance improvements that are more compatible than ever with green chemistry systems, including benefits from its increased reusability and easier handling with expanded temperature limits. This release paper is designed for companies who are dedicated to using sustainable alternatives when creating high quality coated fabrics and textured materials.


"Ultracast Viva is most certainly a positive example for coatings with its scalable technical solution and high potential," said the Green Product Award organizers.


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The international Green Product Award is rewarding products and services, good in design, innovation and sustainability since 2013. The aim of the award is to share good examples for the public and to provide feedback and networking opportunities for the participants.  The Award showcases 11 categories of Architecture & Tiny Houses, Building Components, Circular Materials, Consumer Goods, Fashion, Handicraft, Interior & Lifestyle, Kids, Mobility, Sport and Workspace.


The Green Concept Award – held in cooperation with IKEA-Stiftung - strictly focuses on concepts, materials and prototypes, not on the market yet. The yearly nominees represent the upcoming trends of sustainable innovations.