The Navigator Company increases paper prices in USA by 6-8%

Photo: The Navigator Company

The Navigator Company announced today that it would increase paper prices in USA by 6-8%. This measure involves all cut size office papers, including Navigator, Pioneer, and Discovery and all rolls, including Navigator Premium Inkjet and Soporset Premium Opaque Offset Printing Papers (Text & Cover & Digital), Navigator Copier, and Express Offset rolls.

This increase will be effective for all dispatches from 22nd March, and the Company will inform shortly about the details of the new prices to be applied by category. This decision was taken due to unsustainable low levels of profitability across the industry and following the recent announcements of worldwide increases in pulp and logistics costs.

The Navigator Company sells its products to 130 countries over five continents, under its paper brands with a strong reputation for superior and consistent quality - Navigator, Pioneer, Inacopia, Discovery, Soporset, Target and Inaset.