Uzbek company Saikal launches production of unique stone paper 

Inside new production hall. Photo: China-UZ

A unique production of stone paper has been recently established in Uzbekistan at the capacities of the local Saikal enterprise, which is a company, located in the Fergana region.


The capacity of the new production is estimated at 9,000 tonnes.  It is based on the technology of the Chinese Henan GX-Mach.


In contrast to common paper, the production of stone paper does not require the use of water, which allows its further use.


According to designers of the new technology, the obtained stone paper is characterized by a higher strength and durability, being more resistant to moisture and dirt. It could  be recommended for the use in printing, packaging and wallpaper production.


The volume of investments in the new production is estimated at almost  US$10 million.


According to Abdurakhmon Niyozov, an official spokesman of Saikal, the production is not associated with any harmful discharges into the environment, due to the use of  simple stone and calcium. At the same time the quality of stone paper will be fundamentally different from that of paper, made from pulp.


So far, the production of stone paper has been mainly carried in China and Taiwan.


By: Eugen Gerden