Belarus plans to double paper and cardboard production during next 5 years

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus. Photo: TASS

Belarus plans to double the production of paper and cardboard during the next 5 years, according to recent statements, made by an official spokesman of the Belarus government and some local media reports.


As part of these plans, volume of paper and cardboard production in the country will grow by 2.1 times by 2026, while pulp by 1.7 times. In addition, the production of wood-based panels will also increase.


Implementation of these plans will be part of the existing state program "Belarusian Forest" , which was recently approved by the Belarus government and which is designed for the period of 2021-25.


Among other goals of the program is also increasing furniture production by almost 1.3 times, compared to the current figures.


As part of the program, the forest cover of Belarus will reach 40.3% in 2021 (compared to 40.1% in 2020), while the volume of wood harvesting 3.2 cubic meters per hectare (compared to 2.99 cubic meters in 2020). Finally, the average stock volume will increase to 225 cubic meters/ha from 221 cubic meters/ha last year.


By: Eugen Gerden


Implementation of these plans is personally controlled by the Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko.