Paper and board production in China demonstrated record highs at the end of 2020

Photo: Mike de Sisti

Paper and board production in China grew by 8% on year on year basis to a record 11.83 million tons in November 2020, according to a recent report, published by the Chinese Xinhua news agency.


According to the Chinese National Bureau of Statistics, in the first 11 months of the year, paper production in the country grew by a total of 0.5% year on year basis to 105.08 million tons, while the growth is currently ongoing.


In the meantime, in addition to papermaking, the volume of cardboard production in the country is also growing, while the growth has been observing since June 2020. In October last year, production soared by 8.1% year on year, which became the highest monthly figure since March 2016.


In regard to newsprint, according to data of the Chinese National Bureau in November 2020 it production increased by 13.5% basis to 84,000 tonnes.


By: Eugen Gerden