Ronpak Joins Two Sides

Photo: Two Sides

Ronpak has joined Two Sides North America, the non-profit organization that promotes and encourages the responsible production, use, and sustainability of print, paper and paper-based packaging.

“As Two Sides continues to grow our membership across all sectors of the print, paper and paper-based packaging industry, we are delighted to have Ronpak join us and look forward to working with them to help promote the sustainability of our industry and our products, and paper bags in particular,” said Two Sides North America President Phil Riebel.

“Ronpak is pleased to join Two Sides North America and we welcome the opportunity to help promote the sustainability of print, paper, and paper-based packaging. We look forward to working with Two Sides and its members to expand awareness of the benefits of paper for the packaging industry and the world at large,” said Mary Beth Vitale, Director, Client Services, Ronpak.