Segezha Group produces a record volume of consumer packaging

Photo: Segezha Group

Paper packaging production at Russian converting plants of the Segezha Group holding (part of Sistema JSFC) is growing sustainably.


In March 2020, Segezha Packaging LLC (Segezha, the Republic of Karelia) set up a new record in release of consumer packaging – sacks and bags for retail. They are manufactured with two Triumph 5 QT SK systems from Segezha PPM craft paper. The record figure has grown from 5.2 (March 2019) to 6.5 million pieces per month.


The efficiency improvement was achieved due to modernization of equipment. Loading optimization also made a contribution. Nevertheless, it’s the increased number of orders that became the main growth driver.


“We have been able to successfully combine a group of orders with long production runs,” Alexey Sitnikov, Executive Director of Segezha Packaging LLC, explains. “The point is that Triumphs require manual product changeover which takes time. It’s large-scale orders that helped minimize the number of such changeovers.”


The global demand for biodegradable consumer packaging is growing sustainably. So, by the end of 2019 it was prohibited to use polyethylene packaging in 95 countries, while 40 countries introduced strict financial restrictions to their production. Experts believe that Russian market demand for paper packaging amounts to hundreds of millions of pieces per month.


“A mere fact of the production record goes beyond material value,” Igor Timofeev, member of the Board, Vice President of Segezha Group and Head of Paper and Packaging Division, says. “It is the result of cohesive teamwork in times that are difficult for economic and social life of regions. Segezha Packaging keeps pace, works cohesively and efficiently even under the conditions of emergency measures for limiting the spread of coronavirus. We observe all employee health precautions recommended by the specialists. The success of our company is an example of responsible attitude to business.”