No coronavirus impact on Italy’s paper and board production so far

Photo: Assocarta

In an interview with Euwid, Massimo Medugno, Managing Director of Italy's paper industry association Assocarta, says that the coronavirus has had no impact on the paper and board production so far.

“Operations are continuing and production is running quite normally. What we fear is the transport issue. There are problems concerning transports, linked to the fact that some companies don't want to pick up goods in Italy”, says Massimo Medugno as quoted by Euwid.

Italy has imposed a nationwide restriction on movements, but the Civil Protection Department has specified that movement restrictions do not apply to the transport of goods and do not prohibit people from moving within the country for professional reasons.

The disposable tissue sector has even benefitted from the situation.

“We can clearly see that demand is growing. You just need to look at what is happening in the supermarkets or at the fact that people in offices wash and dry their hands more often”, he adds.