Segezha Group acquires Karelian Wood Company

Photo: Segezha Group

Segezha Group completes the acquisition of Karelian Wood Company (KWC), a logging and wood processing  plant in the Republic of Karelia, Russia, with the output capacity of up to 250,000 cubic meters of sawn wood a year, from Pin Arctic Oy Company (Finland).


Vladimir Vinogradov, Vice President for Strategy and Business Development of Segezha Group, said: “The sawmill has been fully transferred to Segezha Group. Implementing this transaction will help increase capacities for production of sawn wood. The forest plots necessary to implement the project for reconstruction of the branch of Segezha PPM, Segezha-West, will also be expanded.”


At present, Karelian Wood Company produces sawn wood for export. The annual permitted volume of logging operations for the company is over 200,000 cubic meters, forest plots of Karelian Wood Company are located in close proximity to the general forest plot of Segezha Group in Karelia; at the moment of the transaction the periodic yield of the company has been established at 2 million m3. By doing this, the company seeks to increase the annual logging volume in the Republic of Karelia by 10%.


“All the staff at Karelian Wood Company LLC – that is, around 240 people, – will be transferred to Segezha Group without exception,” said Vladimir Vinogradov, Vice President for Strategy and Business Development. “Today most of sawn wood products of Karelian Wood Company are exported. Our goal is to increase the volume of production, improve efficiency of KWC operations and the depth of processing the products manufactured by enterprises of Segezha Group. This will help improve added value and profit margin figures for the Group as a whole.”

Source: Lesprom Network