Paper - the alternative to climate change

In Torraspapel’s newest addition to its sustainability series people can discover how paper contributes to the fight against climate change.

"Reading a newspaper has a lower impact on global warming than reading the news online for 30 minutes."

"Teaching with textbooks printed on paper contributes to global warming ten times less than the use of electronic documentation."

These are just some of the statements culled from different studies on the carbon footprint of products, activities and sectors which the Paper Chain – an initiative that unites sectors in Spain whose primary activity involves paper – has collected in the publication "Árbol, PAPEL, Planeta" (Tree, PAPER, Planet), and which Torraspapel echoes in its third downloadable sustainability brochure, "Paper: the alternative to climate change".

Paper contributes to the fight against climate change by sequestering CO2, reducing emissions in the manufacturing process by using clean and renewable energies, co-generation initiatives, avoiding emissions via recycling and is its use as a substitute for less environmentally friendly products.