Ence's new biomass plant generates its first megawatt of renewable energy

Photo: Ence

The new 46 MW biomass generation plant that Ence is building in Huelva, Spain, has already joined the Red Eléctrica and has generated its first megawatt of renewable energy from biomass.


The new installation will continue in the testing phase until December, when it is expected to complete this previous test period and make it into official operation. The plant has been built following the best available techniques and can produce an estimated 299,000 MWh of electricity per year, equivalent to the energy needs of almost 56,000 people.


Once started, the plant will generate about 1,200 sustainable jobs, which will be added to the 500 direct jobs that have generated its construction work. The company is now working on the training of professionals who will be in charge of operating the facilities, once it becomes operational.

Source: Lesprom Network