Brigl & Bergmeister to hike prices for label papers

Photo: B&B

Brigl & Bergmeister announces that with effect from 01/01/2016, selling prices will be increased by 10 to 15 per cent – as compared to 01/01/2015 – depending on the market and type of product.

This measure is absolutely necessary to achieve a minimum level of profitability again.

Over the past three years, B&B has tried to keep prices for label papers stable despite increasing costs.  Only part of this could be compensated by efficiency increases in production, so that now the company's earnings have eroded already.

In 2015, raw materials for the paper industry have become considerably more expensive, and this upward trend is not expected to come to an end soon.  Wood pulp, the largest cost item by far, is traded in US dollars on the world market. Due to a strengthening of the dollar with respect to the euro at a rate of approx. 25% during the past 12 months, the company's results have dramatically deteriorated.