Dunapack Mosburger announces major investment

As of autumn 2015, Dunapack Mosburger, the Austrian Prinzhorn Group will invest a total of 30 million Euro into its Vienna location in the city’s 23rd district.

By purchasing a neighboring property in August 2015, which includes production and office space, the area of the site could be doubled from currently 40,000 m² to 80,000 m². This allows the installation of a 2.8 meter high performance state of the art corrugator. “Therefore the quality of our tailor-made, high-quality printed corrugated packaging solutions can be further increased and the service level for our customers can be further improved. With this project we will be able to meet the growing demand for customer oriented as well as individualized products and services even better,” says Alexander Enzenberg, Managing Director of Dunapack Packaging Division, at the official announcement of the expansion plans.