Companies focusing on the tissue industry

Prüftechnik is one company focusing the tissue market. Hanns-Peter Fickert from Püftechnik demonstrates how the system works, aligning two rolls of a tissue mill in perfect position.Photo: SImon Matthis
Key note speaker Bertram Staudenmaier from Voith, the main sponsor of Zellcheming-Expo. 2015. Photo: Simon Matthis

Several companies and participants at Zellcheming-Expo 2015 are focusing the tissue industry, as this industry stands out with remarkable growth perspectives in many countries, especially in the third world. However, since tissue is rather bulky, exports tend to avoid long distance destinations, but even in Europe, the tissue industry seems recover, especially and most interstingly the premium segments in some countries such as France.

Tissue machinery supplier Voith is the main sponsor of Zellcheming-Expo this year.

One of the key note speakers of Zellcheming Expo was Bertram Staudenmaier from Voith. He addressed the theme “Papermaking 4.0 – Rethinking the way of papermaking” (an analogy with the famous German concept Industrie 4.0?). Bertram Staudenmaier stressed the importance of developing modules, modules ideally running independently from one another within a mill, as one of the major trends shaping the pulp and paper mill of tomorrow, and he received a lot of question concerning this rather vague idea.