China Wood Optimization to build new production plant


China Wood Optimization (Holding) Limited, a new technology group engaged in the processing, manufacturing and sales of wood products, has signed an agreement with the administration committee of Huai’an Industrial Zone in Huai’an City, Jiangsu Province for an investment to build a new production plant in the Huai’an Industrial Zone.

Occupying an area of approximately 227 mu, the new production plant of China Wood Optimization is to be mainly used to produce processed wood products. Investment of the first phase amounts to US$35 million. The plant is scheduled to be completed and commence production in the fourth quarter of 2015 and is expected to double the Group’s current production capacity.

The Group’s existing production plant in Handan City, Hebei Province will still continue its current production. Given the geographical advantages of its new production plant in Huai’an, China Wood Optimization will develop the materials for products made from newly imported tree spieces in a bid to expand into the international markets and boost the Group’s competitiveness.

The new production plant in Huai’an will emphasize energy conservation and more efficient production. To reduce energy consumption and emission during the production process, the Group will adopt solar power technology as well as heat exchange technology, and will also deploy environmentally-friendly electric forklift trucks. Moreover, the Huai’an production plant will emphasize high efficiency in the design of production processes and use the latest technology to replace some labour-intensive processes so as to reduce labour costs.