IBC Paper Training offers new training

Photo: Robert McLassus

IBC Paper Training will offers its next training online: “Recycled Fibers & Deposit Control”.This is an opportunity to Interact with the expert lecturers and with the other participants in real time, share your knowledge and ask whatever questions you might have regarding the subject.

IBC offers a free connection test before the training for all those who wish to register.

Content of the Training:

•   Focus on Stickies

•   Focus on Mineral and Corrosive Deposits

•   Focus on Raw Material and Technologies

•   Focus on Chemistry

•   Focus on Process

•   Focus on Clothing

•   Focus on Microbiological Deposits

Lecturers are:

•  Per Sundblad – From SPCC: Master of Science in Chemistry and specialized in Pulp, Paper & Tissue Chemistry –Experience in Production, R&D function in Paper Mills such as Braviken mill, SCA Research, Matfors Paper mill, SCA Ortviken, Wifsta Paper mill and in Chemical companies such as Clariant Chemicals & Bim Kemi. Managing Director of SPCC Consulting specialized in Paper Chemistry « Sundblad Paper Chem Consulting AB ».

•  Leon Joore – From Millvision: Managing Director, Netherlands: Background in Biochemistry, Environmental Technology and Management, and Paper Technology. 10 years in TNO Industry as Project Manager, 10 years in Millvision as R&D and Managing director now. High Experience in Water Management applied in the Paper Industry. Part time Lecturer in VAPA Institute.

•  Tuomo  Kalkaja - From Metso, Finland: Specialist in Process Measurement in Recycled Fiber

•   Maurizio Quarti - From Cristini, Italy: Specialised in Design in Clothing.

•   Specialist in Enzymes for Microbiologist and stickies deposits from Buckman, Belgium R&D Laboratory

•   Specialists from Recycled fiber and Deinking Process from Kadant

After registration you will receive a confirmation e-mail containing some useful information regarding the training and a link to follow to make the connection test with IBC prior the event.