Web seminar on how to reduce chemicals cost

Photo: BASF

The 4-7 July 2016, IBC Paper Training is organizing a web seminar on how to reduce chemicals cost in paper, board and tissue makin.

The need for global industry to reduce chemical usage is frequently in the spotlight of news from all over the world. The industrial sectors of paper, board & tissue making consume large volumes of chemicals in their daily operations. Several important reasons come to light when we think about what should drive industrial producers to examine every possible way to minimize their chemical “footprints”. Besides the ethical-environment-future generations aspect, it can also have a huge, positive, financial impact on your overall activity. The web seminar aims to assess costs of significant chemicals consumption savings from applying chemicals efficiency technologies in the sectors mentioned above.

Chemicals consumption is one of the key solutions to reduce your Total Operating Cost “TOC”. For this event IBC is working with experts in Chemicals Consumption Savings to help you and will bring you practical tips and solutions to optimize your Chemicals Consumption.  Those experts, coming from all over Europe (Sweden, Finland, Belgium and the Netherlands), are specialized in the Paper, Board & Tissue Making Industry.

The course is open to all (worldwide) customers, enabling you to share experiences and knowledge with other participants and with the expert lecturers.