T.CON releases new version of its MES solution

Photo: Antti Leppänen

SAP channel partner T.CON GmbH & Co. KG has just put version 4.2 of its MES CAT Solution Suite on the market. This latest release of the company's multi-lingual Manufacturing Execution System (MES), which is integrated in SAP NetWeaver and certified by SAP AG as "SAP Certified – Powered by SAP NetWeaver", includes a whole bundle of new functions which offer a host of business benefits. The additional features help manufacturing companies to sustainably optimize processes in factories, take care of recurring tasks more easily and quickly and carry out analyses in greater detail and with greater efficiency.

The current version of the MES solution includes powerful messaging functions which ensure the smooth exchange of information between the individual workstations on the shop floor. Order data and maintenance information which is collected directly at workstations in the production area via MES CAT flows into the SAP software for maintenance (SAP Plant Maintenance Rapid Mart) and can be accessed quickly there. Information relevant for use, such as energy data, can now either be entered with a reference to the respective production order or independently of the current production. This data is saved in the Manufacturing Execution System from T.CON and also transferred to the higher-order SAP ERP application or SAP Business Warehouse, where it is processed further.

Version 4.2 of the MES solution also disencumbers production staff, as it is even more optimally coordinated with manufacturing tasks. For example, patterns can now be reworked graphically using the drag-and-drop function. Documents relevant for production can be viewed directly at the workstation. This is enabled by the connection between the MES CAT Suite and the SAP solution for document management (DMS). Since process and quality data is displayed graphically, the error rate in the production process drops to a minimum. Should something ever go wrong, though, the error will be quickly identified and remedied.

T.CON has also significantly expanded the analysis capabilities of the Manufacturing Execution System. The innovative "Production Control Center", which provides the end user with all the important key performance indicators at a glance, has been redesigned with an improved graphical layout and clear visual overview of information. Queries can be made "on the fly", as it were, with the dynamic report generator. The MES CAT Suite also features integrated OEE key performance indicator estimation which standardizes production-relevant key performance indicators as per guideline 66412 of the German Engineering Federation and provides it in quasi-real time.

"Any customer with a valid maintenance contract can immediately profit from a host of new functions in the current release of the MES CAT Suite free of charge and also sustainably optimize their value chain. By certifying it as 'Powered by SAP NetWeaver', SAP is confirming that our MES solution is integrated into the SAP NetWeaver technology platform," explained Thomas Blöchl, MES Division Director at T.CON GmbH & Co. KG.