Saica acquires Microlan

Photo: Saica

Saica,  a  company  that  develops  and  produces  sustainable  solutions  for  recycled  corrugating packaging, corrugated board and environmental services, has acquired the company Microlan for  its  Pack  Division  in  Alcobendas,  Madrid.  

Microlan  belongs  to  the  Lantero  Machieraldo family.  With  a  workforce  of  120  people  and  an  annual  turnover  of  25,8  million  €,  this represents a step ahead in Saica Iberia’s growth strategy.

Through  this  acquisition,  Saica  strengthens  and  completes  its  presence  in  the  Spanish  and Portuguese     high-performance     corrugated     board     market.     The     incorporation     of Microlan reinforces  the  multinational’s  aim  to  develop  the  niche  for  high-quality  design  and printed packaging in the high added value sectors, which play a decisive role in the sale of the products.

Saica  thus  consolidates  its  leadership  in  the  corrugated  packaging  market  and  maintains  its strategic commitment to the  promotion of  sustainable  solutions  based on  high-performance lightweight papers, the innovation of new flutes and paper compositions, all characterized by high quality design and printing.

 “High quality printing on packaging is becoming a basic ally to our customers when presenting their  products  to  their  end-consumers.  In  Saica  we  keep  on  furthering  our  engagement towards our customers and the incorporation of Microlan allows us to complete our range of products in the Iberian market, not only by means of its state-of-the-art printing technology, but  also  through  its  knowledge,  experience  and  team”,  explained  Ramón  Alejandro,  Saica President.