Buckman features range of innovative creping products

Buckman, a global specialty chemical company with expertise in creping, is showcasing its portfolio of innovative tissue and toweling products at Tissue World in Barcelona, Spain, March 19-21.

Exciting new technologies include Buckman’s Select Yankee dryer adhesive system.   This package provides coating optimization never before achievable with other Yankee dryer packages.  Select uses a combination of a robust hybrid adhesive in combination with a soft rewettable coating to allow the tissue manufacturer to optimize pressure roll attachment and coating adhesion levels independently. 

Buckman 691 softening technology gives tissue manufacturers access to a lotion-like feel via a product that can be applied into the manufacturing wet end instead of converting.

Maximyze 2535 and 2570 are recently developed enzymatic products which were created specifically to condition virgin softwood and recycled fiber.  This treatment can improve bonding strength, tensile, softness, and bulk as well as reduce energy usage.

Bubond 818 is the newest generation of temporary wet strength resin. Designed to perform better per applied kilogram and delivered at a higher percent solids, Bubond 818 allows for lower addition rates while reducing the cost of delivery to the mill.

Buckman’s innovative creping technology for TAD, ATMOS and other structured tissue technologies results in better quality and significantly improved productivity for our customers.