Matériaux Blanchet to modernize its Amos sawmill in Canada

Photo: Matériaux Blanchet

Matériaux Blanchet announces an investment of over $25 million to modernize its planing plant in Amos, Quebec, Canada. The company will be installing a state-of-the-art planer mill that will ensure its competitiveness over the next several years, increase the profitability of its lumber production and keep a maximum number of jobs in the area.

The project involves erecting a 61,000 sq. ft. building next to the existing plant, to house the new planer. The construction is set to begin in June 2018 and should be fully operational by September 2019.

The major investment also includes measures to support employees who will be affected by this technological change, since some jobs will be redefined and others abolished.

Over the next few weeks, Matériaux Blanchet's management will be meeting with all employees that will be affected by this change, to inform them of the means the company is placing at their disposal to support them during the transition. It also plans to regularly inform employees of the construction's progress.

Matériaux Blanchet Inc. is one of Quebec's largest independent private sawmills, with an annual production capacity of over 300 million FBM of softwood.

Source: Lesprom Network