The Uruguayan Agro Empresa Forestal opts for Inflor Forest

Photo: Inflor

The possibility of integrating operational and management information from different planting areas was the reason why Agro Empresa Forestal S.A. (AF) has opted for the INFLOR Forest solution. The Uruguayan company operates on more than 100,000 hectares of forest and agricultural plantations in Uruguay, Chile and Brazil. The company’s main objective is to integrate the costing data to the forest asset register of the planting plots.

The implementation of the INFLOR Forest solution at AF began in January, with the activities planning. In this phase, the solution will encompass the Forestry Register, GIS and Siviculture modules, according to Carlos Albuquerque, Commercial Director at INFLOR.

Jaime Flores, Forestry Planning Manager at AF, points out that the company’s goal − with the implementation of the INFLOR Forest − is to have an integrated system that concentrates information on operation and costs. “Having a unique and integrated information system, according to international standards, is a challenge for a company like ours, which manages assets in different countries,” he notes. Flores adds that there is a huge expectation for the beginning of the system deployment, for it is clear that the INFLOR Forest system will also ease the integration of new planting areas.

According to Jaime Flores AF has plans after the implementation of the functions already contracted: to evaluate the expansion of the use of the tool for the Logistic, Harvest and Forest Inventory modules, in which the company is also interested. The implementation of the Forestry Register, GIS and Silviculture modules should be completed by the end of April.


“It was important for us to have made the decision to deploy the INFLOR Forest system to manage the assets we handle. It was a process soon taken up by Jaime, who evaluated different systems, and we eventually have chosen the INFLOR Forest, making our decision with clear mind that it would be the best to suit our needs.


Our expectation is to strengthen both companies by seeking improvement opportunities for the INFLOR Forest in the management of high-quality timber. The geographical proximity and the existence of other clients with the same system in the region seem very positive to us. I hope it’s the beginning of a long-standing relationship,” says Dan Guapurá, General Manager at AF.


“This is INFLOR’s first project with AF, which is an opportunity to further strengthen our presence in Latin America, where our solutions already lead the market in the forest segment. We work to offer customers the best solution to add value to their businesses,” says Carlos Albuquerque, Commercial Director at INFLOR.