Pasaban to supply an upgrade of a sheeter for Domtar Paper

Photo: Pasaban

In 1997, Pasaban designed and manufactured a KDD 2200 paper and board sheeting machine for Domtar Paper Company (USA). 20 years on, it is deemed necessary to update the equipment in order to ensure its functionality for a further 10 years.

For this, a two-phase machine modification is underway. During the first phase, Pasaban replaced the most critical systems such as the main actuators and press control, the transversal cutter and the fast band and the slow band. Leaving open the possibility of a second phase for the renovation of the electric brakes actuators and controls.

This project will conclude with the placement of a new PC and a PLC with updated software, including the specific maintenance software "Pasaban drives software". The latter will be used for verifying the new digital regulators as well as the possibility of an online service via the TeamViewer remote control application.

“Thanks to Pasaban our machine is running smoother, cooler and with higher quality since the upgrade”.

“We have eliminated several “black boxes” and have made it much easier to get technical help from Pasaban” -Jeff Jamison Maintenance Coordinator at Domtar

All of these improvements guarantee that the machine can operate in optimum conditions, minimising downtime caused by operational reasons, and ensuring the provision of spare parts for several years.