Nippon Paper to build demonstration plant for functional materials

Photo: Nippon Paper

Nippon Paper Industries announced that it will build a demonstration plant at Fuji Mill (Fuji-City, Shizuoka Prefecture) to drive the development of practical applications of "MinerPa®"; a set of new functional materials created by compounding particulate minerals and wood pulp (cellulose fibers) using the Company's own unique pulp-modification technologies.

Utilizing papermaking technologies developed over the course of many years in the industry, particularly through a combination of pulp manufacturing techniques and unique mineral manufacturing knowhow, the Company has developed a unique technology for densely bonding mineral particles onto the surface of cellulose fibers. Using this technology, the Company has created "MinerPa®": a set of completely new functional materials consisting of wood pulp (cellulose fibers) covered with mineral particles. In addition to showing the functional properties derived from various mineral particles, "MinerPa®" also show the characteristics and advantages of wood pulp (cellulose fibers), so can be processed into various types of materials such as wet pulp, sheets, boards (laminates) and powder. Using wood -which is a renewable resource- as the basic raw material, it has now become possible to provide "MinerPa®" with a content ratio of up to 90% mineral particles, and there are high expectations for the development of practical applications in a wide range of fields.

The Company has already begun the pre-marketing of "MinerPa®" since February 2017 with three different types of functions (deodorizing/antibacterial properties, flame retardancy and X-ray radiation shielding effects) . Besides, the Company is now working to develop the technologies of "MinerPa®" with new functionalities such as antiviral properties to meet the customer demands.

The newly introducing "MinerPa®" demonstration plant will start up the operation in October 2018 with an annual production capacity of more than 450 tons, and we are able to supply a large-scale sample. We will continue to search for promising business areas and work for developing new applications.

Under the slogan "Shaping the future with trees," the Company will continue contributing to better living and cultural progress in the future based on the technological capabilities developed through papermaking.

The Company will also be exhibiting "MinerPa®" at its exhibition booth at Neo Functional Material 2018, which is scheduled to be held at Tokyo Big Sight from Wednesday, February 14, until Friday, February 16, 2018. Please visit our booth as the opportunity to experience "MinerPa®" directly.