Ence reaches sales agreements for 2018 for 100% of its pulp production

Photo: Ence

Ence - Energía y Celulosa has closed cellulose sales agreements for 2018 for 100% of its production target. The agreements reached represent an increase in the company's pasta sales over those reached in 2017 and assure Ence lower discounts than in 2017 on reference prices.

It should be noted that Ence has obtained such agreements in advance to previous years and under more advantageous conditions. Behind this is the strength of the world pulp market, with prices in the high part of the cycle that are expected to be maintained during the coming years in view of the growth of demand in a very positive macro environment and without new capacities of cellulose planned for before 2020 or 2021.

Likewise, it should be noted that almost all of the sales agreements will be destined to Europe, the market with the highest sales margins and where Ence has strong competitive advantages in terms of logistics and service compared to its Latin American competitors, the area where the largest eucalyptus cellulose producers are located.


The high quality of Ence's cellulose, its production flexibility and ability to adapt to the demands of the client companies together with its "just in time" service strategy make it possible for the company to have a high penetration in the continent, where it is the third by market share.