Sulzer launches the new Agista SSA

Image courtesy: Sulzer

With the new AGISTAR™ SSA side-mounted agitator, Sulzer has taken a significant step to further decrease power consumption and reduce the environmental impact of its product portfolio.

AGISTAR™ SSA is designed for demanding applications in various industries, such as pulp and paper, biofuels, food, sludge, as well as municipal and industrial wastewater. The new high-efficiency EX3 propeller can also be used in SALOMIX™ side-entry agitators

For the new AGISTAR™ SSA agitator, Sulzer has developed high-efficiency hydraulics (patent pending) with high pumping capacity and axial thrust but with low power consumption.


The new agitator is equipped with a new duplex stainless steel EX3 propeller for higher strength and wear properties. This ensures a longer lifetime than for agitators using austenitic stainless steel propellers. In addition, the performance of the agitator can be adapted with the adjustable propeller blades.