Klabin's CEO Fabio Schvartsman resigns

Photo: Klabin

Klabin S.A. announces that Fabio Schvartsman, upon the expiration of his contract and after six years of dedication to the Company, is resigning as the CEO of Klabin, due to his nomination to assume the helm of Vale S.A.

Klabin, represented by the Chairman of the Board, Paulo Sérgio Coutinho Galvão Filho, understands and respects his decision and already expresses its appreciation for and the commitment undertaken by Fabio Schvartsman to participate actively in the transition process.

Klabin reaffirms its operational strategy and growth targets, as well as its full confidence that its Executive Board will effectively continue its work of recent years.

Klabin is Brazil's largest paper producer and exporter and the leading manufacturer of paper and board for packaging, corrugated board packaging and industrial bags.