CEPI launches bold investment roadmap

The European paper industry recently has launched the reviewed version of its 2050 Roadmap detailing the pathways and investment needed to cut its carbon emissions by 80% while creating 50% more added-value. The Roadmap projects the need for EUR 44 billion more investment — a 40% increase on current levels — to transform industry in Europe and lead the low-carbon bioeconomy by 2050.

The Confederation of European Paper Industry (CEPI) pioneered in 2011 the first low-carbon industry Roadmap. It is today the first industry to table a blueprint to bolster industry transformation. Today the industry reaffirms its vision that decarbonisation and growth are mutually compatible and calls for a better alignment of policy, research and financing conditions to boost investment in Europe.

"Since our first Roadmap in 2011 the paper industry has invested EUR 15 billion in Europe. More must be done to accelerate industry transformation in Europe over the next decade," said Sylvain Lhôte CEPI's Director General. "It is now essential to lift-off the low-carbon bioeconomy and pace of transformation.”

From energy efficiency to deployment of breakthrough technologies, emissions reduction pathways were estimated to require a combined additional investment of EUR 24 billion by 2050. A further EUR 20 billion of investment would be required to boost the production of new low carbon bio-based products.

"The European Commission has rightly put the focus back on investment,” Lhôte added. “However, it lacks a long-term commitment to drive manufacturing investments back to Europe. The time to act is now — the policy framework for the next decade is being shaped now and over the next three years."

The full version of the Roadmap can be found on CEPI's website: www.cepi.org/node/21250.

The Confederation of European Paper Industries (CEPI) is a Brussels-based non-profit-making organisation representing the European pulp and paper industry. Through its 18 member countries (17 EU members plus Norway) CEPI represents some 515 pulp, paper and board producing companies across Europe, ranging from small and medium sized companies to multi-nationals, and 950 paper mills. Together they represent 23% of world production.