Södra provides SEK 10 million in funding for R&D

In November, the Södra Foundation for Research, Development and Education decided to contribute an additional SEK 10 million to research projects connected with forestry. Six different projects have been awarded grants, one of which focuses on addressing the future market for wood fibre-based products by developing new fibres from existing processing environments.

Sodra Foundation for Research, Development and Education The mission of the Södra Foundation for Research, Development and Education is to promote research and education of significance to forestry and forest industry operations in Southern Sweden.

To meet the requirements imposed on new cellulose-based products, such as paper and packaging, it must be possible to regulate and vary the core properties of the pulp used. Chalmers University of Technology has launched the project AvanCell: New Fibres from Existing Processing Environments, and has been awarded SEK 8 million to do research on this topic.

"The project aims to establish new knowledge about how we can regulate the properties of pulp. If we learn more about how to utilise the processing environment and the chemistry in the final bleaching stage, we can change the flexibility and interaction properties of the fibre, something that is highly sought after by both pulp customers and consumers" said Laila Rogestedt, Senior Vice President of Innovation and New Business at Södra.

Research grants have also been awarded to several projects in the field of sustainable forest management. The grants were presented to researchers at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences and Skogforsk for studies related to the damage of saplings, birch production, more effective use of harvesting data and work environment issues pertaining to forestry machinery.